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Thanks to our extensive services, all port operations are handled fluently, and the cargo is delivered as agreed and on schedule. Our modern, versatile equipment also enables the professional handling of special cargo, whether in the form of containers, trailers, unitized cargo or bulk.

The Port of Oulu is the biggest port for unit load transports in northern Finland. Oulu is the biggest city in northern Scandinavia with excellent marine, rail, road and flight connections.


Sawn Timber cargo from Oulu to Hull


M/S Swe Bulk loaded sawn timber cargo from Oulu to Hull, UK. We are constantly looking competitive solutions for all our customers and this shipment is an excellent example from us. We thank our co-operators and we wish You all a nice summer.

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Customer service manager Jari Erkkilä
+358 50 4087 999
Integrator, sawn timber Ilkka Help
+358 50 4499 284


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