At your service

With skills resulting from experience and constant development of our work, services, and products, we can offer you personal, customized, and competitive service – whether dealing with us directly or through a shipping agency.

Regular liner transport from Oulu to the busiest ports in Europe provides a fluent and efficient opportunity to import and export goods around the world.

Oulu’s road and railway links are unparalleled – both throughout Finland and the Barents region.

The largest goods categories handled by us include products from the forest, mining, and chemical industries and containers and break-bulk cargo.

Detailed contact information is available on the Contact information page.

Terminal advice

MRN numbers are mandatory on export terminal advice forms and they must be provided for export containers no later than the last weekday before the date of embarkation by 16:00.

Please complete the terminal advice form including the MRN number and return it to
Download the terminal advice form.