Instructions for Herman Andersson Oy’s visitors

The offices of Herman Andersson Oy are located within the Oritkari port area at Poikkimaantie 12. Please provide the registration number of your vehicle to your host in good time before your arrival, so that the number can be entered into the access control system. When you arrive at the port gate, please use the right-hand lane. Your access pass allows you to drive your vehicle on to the visitors’ parking lot, which is located approximately 100 meters from the gate.

On arrival, please pay attention to

  • Heavy goods traffic in the port and speed limits
  • Recording video and taking photographs inside the port area requires a permit
  • If you are arriving on foot or by bicycle, your host will meet you at the port gate.

From the parking lot, you may walk to the door marked with Vieraat/Visitors signs. When you enter the office lobby, please report to one of our terminal employees at the check-in desk. At the desk you can check in and one of our terminal employees will give you a visitor badge with a lanyard, which you must wear throughout your visit.

An employee will fetch your host while you wait. At the end of your visit, please return the visitor badge to where you received it from.


Operating and safety instructions for transport companies

  • The speed limit within the port area is 15-30 km/h.
  • As you arrive to the loading zone, park your vehicle such that it does not obstruct other traffic and report to the customer service at the location marked on the map (INFO)
  • Wearing a high-visibility vest and helmet is mandatory within the loading and unloading zone. If the driver of a vehicle lacks the required safety equipment, the vehicle will not be loaded.
  • For loading board, the driver must fix the vehicle to the loading platform such that the vehicle or trailer cannot slide away from the platform during loading. The loading station has slings, wedges, and other attachment equipment for this purpose.
    NOTE! The effect of the suspension must be taken into consideration when fixing a vehicle to the loading platform!
  • When unloading sawn timber, the driver must signal the forklift operator.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.Smoking inside the storage areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Look out for machinery! Forklift trucks have the right of way. Safety distance 10 meters