Deviations of Midsummer in working hours 2024

We ask our clients and partners to consider the exceptional working hours for the above holiday.

In midsummer
Our terminal closes on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 10pm and opens on Monday June 24, 2024 at 6am.

Port Work Safety Week 2-6.10.2023

Port work safety week in Oulu at Herman Andersson Ltd:

-Blue spot lights have significantly increased safety.


-The overheight frame has improved safety in lifting work.


-Careful handling of sawn timber packages in terminal work.


Safety first!

Stora Enso decided on a billion investment in Oulu

Stora Enso has decided to invest approximately EUR 1 billion to convert the remaining idle paper machine at the Group’s Oulu site in Finland into a high-volume consumer board production line. The investment supports the Group’s growth strategy in renewable packaging by providing new volume for growing packaging segments. Production on the converted machine is estimated to start in early 2025.

Following the first machine conversion at the Oulu site in 2021 from paper to kraftliner, the remaining idle paper line will be converted into a state-of-the-art highly flexible consumer board line. The total annual capacity will be 750,000 tonnes of consumer board. The target end-use segments are food and beverage packaging, especially frozen and chilled, and dry and fast food, mainly in Europe and North America.

The total investment will be approximately EUR 1 billion during 2022–2025.

The investment is fully aligned with Stora Enso’s sustainability commitments. It will support circularity by further enhancing the recycling performance of the Packaging Materials division’s product portfolio. The Oulu site’s total scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions will remain at a low level as they were already reduced by 80% during the first conversion in 2021.

The investment will create approximately 300 new jobs at the Oulu site and support functions including Herman Andersson Oy terminal and port operations, and an additional 1,500 indirect employment opportunities overall. The wood consumption of the new line will be approximately one million cubic metres of pulp wood.

European liner service capacity is growing

From the beginning of 2021, WalleniusSol has added the MV Fionia Sea and MV Jutlandia vessels to traffic between Northern Finland and Central Europe.

These vessels complement WalleniusSOL’s liner service to Lübeck (DE), Tilbury (UK) and Antwerp and Zeebrugge (BE).

Booking requests/timetables in Oulu.


Safety award for Pohjaset Oy

As part of Stora Enso’s safety week, Herman Andersson Oy presented an award related to supplier safety, where the award was received by Ville-Veikko Kehusmaa, driver of Kuljetusliike Pohjaset Oy. The award was presented by CEO Jari Rantamaula and Security Manager Teemu Pirilä.
The criteria for the safety award were the drivers’ activities in the terminal areas and the company’s management’s response to safety messages.

Our invoice address will change as of September 1, 2020

Dear Business Partner,

We have adopted electronic processing of invoices and hope to receive all invoices
from you in electronic format. If your company is unable to submit electronic
invoices or send invoices to our email invoicing address, you can send paper invoices
to the address of our invoice scanning service. We do not accept invoices sent to our
visiting address.

1. E-invoices
Herman Andersson Oy, 0187175-6
E-invoice address: 003701871756
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)
Operator ID, when sending from bank network: DABAFIHH*
*In case your e-invoicing system cannot send invoices to Maventa-operator
you can use this operator ID.

2. Reception of invoices via e-mail by the scanning service
Please remember, this address is only for invoices.
Invoices must be sent as email attachments in PDF format. If the invoice
contains attachment pages, they must be included in same file with the
actual invoice.
The address for the e-mail invoices:
• You can send multiple invoices in a single email as long each invoice with its
attachment pages are in a separate PDF-file. Each file must have a different
• A single e-mail must not exceed 5MB.
• PDF files must be genuine PDF files (PDF version 1.3 or newer).
• PDF invoices must not be locked or encrypted with a password.
• Document size must not exceed 210 x 297 mm.
• Valid characters for the attachment name are common signs, a-z, A-Z, 0-9,
please do not use special characters when you name the attachments.

3. Scanning service for paper invoices
Both the invoice and the envelope must contain complete scanning address
information to ensure quick and reliable delivery.
Herman Andersson Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan
• Please do not send any other material except invoices to scan address. All
material are read automatically to our accounts payable system and other
material (for example receipts, business gifts, credit cards or entrance tickets)
does not reach their recipient through this address.
• To achieve the best outcome for automatically identified invoices please
use only black text on white background.
• While using scanning service please do not use rivets.